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Active House+
Jan 20 2014

Active House+ bases on Sandwich technology. By integrating of Solar Collectors and Solar PV modules with Sandwich the Roof or Facade of the building will produce all energy the Building consumes and even Charging of EV transport solutions. Technology Solar Sandwich reduces Energy production costs by 50% of conventional Building Integrated Solar Technology.

The Plus solution: Materials have more than one use parameters and functions.

- Solar Sandwich includes self-carrying, light weight, insulated sections with Solar collectors and Solar PV modules fixed on with adhesive.

- The Pipe of the FTX ventilation even includes Solar heating expander and Vertical Wind Generator.

- The Windows are fixed with adhesive and are making the Sandwich stronger.

- Sandwich constructions will be Land based and Floating on the water.

The result of the technology will produce all energy the building consumes: Heating, Cooling, Hot water and Electricity.

All components available on market today, we fix them together by new Innovative way.

Other Applications of Solar Sandwich:

- Zero City Farm: Building including Fish farm, Chicken farm and Greenhouse. All recycled food production.

- Solar Fields: Energy production for Feed-in Tariff system.

- Solar powered Sea and Land transport solutions.

- Noice protection solutions for Highways and Airports.

The idea promotes customer-oriented production to reduce transportation and environmental impact. At the same time, new jobs are created near the customer. In our case it is important to have as much locally produced parts as possible, everything except Photovoltaic are manufactured in Sweden for Swedish customers. 



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