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Greenely - Next generation of energy management
May 24 2014

Greenely is a startup consisitng students and researchers from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

We are developing the the next generation visualization service for energy usage in the form of a mobile application. Households will be able to get an overview of their energy consumption and personalized feedback, all with minimum effort and no additional hardware required. Algorithms will learn the households’ energy behaviors and the application will adapt accordingly. Trough in-depth and targeted analysis, gamification and comparison with neighbors, households will be incentivized to move towards a decreased energy consumption and guided along the whole process.

Our solution builds upon information from Smart meters which today are underutilized and thus requires no additional hardware, making it possible to gain a wide spread not only in Sweden but also other markets in Europe where advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is rapidly increasing.

Watch our explainer video at and visit us at for more information! 



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