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smartair ECO deals
May 30 2014

smartair ECO deals is an online platform which identifies the flight(s) with the least emissions in combination with the most affordable airfare for any searched itinerary, enabling travellers to select eco-friendly flights while saving money.

On annual basis, approximately 503 M travel in Europe, out of which 54% book their tickets online, acknowledging the cheapest price as the most important factor.

Even though the air-ticket search results of any online airliner, online travel agency or online travel price aggregator can be sorted in regards to the duration of the trip, the airfare, the number of the stopovers, the type of the airliners (low- budget, non-low-budget) and the respective alliance (e.g. start alliance, one world, etc.), providing additional informationabout the safety of an airliner, the seats layout, the in-flight entertainment options and the in-flight food and beverage quality, no eco-related information is provided.

The scope of smartair ECO deals is to help travellers choose their flight(s) having an additional sorting option : the realistic flight-specific carbon emission info.

The carbon emission calculation of smartair ECO deals is based on several parameters, such as the number of flights, aircraft type, time of flight, allowed luggage, travel class, etc. and not as a rough estimation.

The service is provided on both B2B and B2C level.

The B2C service aggregates the airfares from various GDS, airlines, online travel agencies and online travel price aggregators, displaying the search results with the addition of the carbon emission info.

The B2B service provides the carbon emission info per flight as a web-service (via XML), so that the online travel agencies, the online travel price aggregators and the airlines can include in their search results the carbon emission info.

Given that more and more individuals express an ECO-friendly interest, we strongly believe that a significant amount of online potential (smart)airtravellers will like to have the option to select (among two alternative flights with approximately the same airfares) the flight with less emission footprint.

smartair ECO deals can help (smart)airtravellers become carbon emission-cautious and select the least emission flights, encouraging them to donate for the carbon offset and setup an arlines (favorite) green list.



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