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Wind Turbines in the City
Jun 29 2014
My idea is to place wind turbines at strategic places in cities. It is based on a theory called the wind tunnel effect, which happens when wind is forced into a smaller space, which in our case, the gaps between the buildings in the cities. The wind speed can easily reach 40-45 mph due to the wind tunnel effect (the optimum wind speed for wind turbines is 30-36 mph). With this wind speed, each wind turbine can generate up to 100 W of power, this is sufficient to supply about 300 homes at 12000 kWh per year. Two or three wind turbines will be sufficient to power an apartment or office block. Combined with solar panels which generate electricity from solar energy, it is possible to create an off the grid system in the city. It significantly reduces pollution, as dependancy on fossil fuels is reduced and wind energy itself is a clean energy source, available day and night. There might be some setbacks: 1) Birds dying while glying through turbine blades - This can be solved by enclosing the wind turbines in a metal cage-like structure, at the same time keep up with wind speeds. 2) Noise - We are not looking at putting 296 feet standard wind turbines (which can be really loud), rather smaller versions (98 feet wind turbines, usually used in farms and schools, have significantly reduced noise). Thank you.



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